Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Birthday times!

My little tiny new baby girl somehow appears to have manage to turn 2 yesterday. This is confusing me as I almost certain I just came home with her just a couple of weeks ago. I must be mistaken. Anyway, it was a lovely day and the birthday girl was spoiled rotten! She now has enough clothes to clothe several little girls but I'm not complaining as choosing her outfits and dressing her is one of my unashamed joys in life.

Sadly as our laptop is gasping and wheezing its way into early retirement (the bin!) I am unable to get the photos from Facebook onto here, except, oddly, this one of the birthday girl oohing over her new Peppa Pig DVD (she's just a little bit obsessed)

and this AMAZING one of the cake my DAD baked (I was just too busy and my Mum was unwell) and my amazing wee sister Sarah decorated. She's ever so talented in this area and I think she should become some sort of cake guru lady and live in a house made of cake.

Unfortunately the only way you can see the birthday girl in full swing (lol! you'll get it when you look at the picture) is to click on this link here (I hope it works). I know clicking on things is tiresome but go with it! It's a lovely picture.

Then for comparison purposes click here and see her exactly a year before at her 1st birthday party as a birthday fairy, with a lot less hair but much more cheeks!

Anyway, if you've indulged all that (and put up with the terrible quality photos from my mobile) then I thank you kindly. 

Happy Birthday my bestest, beautifullest girl xxx


  1. I was thinking of you yesterday, Happy 2nd birthday Elise :) x

  2. Kirsty and I had been commenting on the cake, it looks ace! Top job by Sarah, she should indeed live in a house of cake :)

  3. aww squee! i have decided that whenever Elise sees me, there must be no more favourable adults around. otherwise she just shouts at me. if i am the best adult there she loves me. there's only so many times i can take being sent to my bed by a 2 year old.

  4. @Vonnie thanks hun :D can't beleive she's 2!

    @Pad I shall make her a house, of cake, for her to live in. Some of it may be burnt on the outside and raw in the middle, as my oven is wont to do at the moment.

    @Fenn the 'HENDFAH! BED! BED! BEEED!' is hilarious though. We must tape her doing it one day. Then I will leave and she will adore you ;)

  5. Oh, how fast they grow! The dear, sweet, rosy-cheeked little poppet!!! I miss having little 'uns!