Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Checking in!

It's all a bit mental round here at the moment. I still haven't got quite into the swing of things with the morning routine and Block 1 of college is ending so we're snowed under with assignments and assessments. I'm also dealing with a little madam who refuses to go for naps now and needs potty trained (we're trying our best on the days we have at home together). Hoping to get that one done over the Easter hols as the original plan to do it over Christmas was scuppered by a nasty tummy bug she had. 

Our new timetable has been put up on the colleges website, so I now know what I should be doing in a couple of weeks - new classes include Philosophy Literature and Numeracy. The first two I'm looking forward to, the third - not so much. Maths is *not* my strong point. We should also get our interim grading soon, eek!

Anyway, there is much housework beckoning me.

                                                                              image copyright: Daeveb

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