Wednesday 15 May 2013

I'm honoured! And bonus answer to the question: 'Just what on earth is my wee sister doing in Sri Lanka?'

Not even a month since my last post and I'm doing ANOTHER one. The powers of procrastination, now that studying has finished all I have to avoid is housework and it's definitely much less interesting and less guilt-inducing to avoid so blogging doesn't seem like such a waste of precious time. And I do have some Uni related news - yesterday I had my interview with the honours convenor for the courses I plan to do next year. The original plan was to do joint honours in English Literature and English Language but I have decided, with the long term game in mind, to just do single honours in English Language. So now it is just a matter of playing the waiting game and seeing how I do in my exams. I was suffering from tonsillitis on the day of my English Language exam and right up until I headed into uni, I wasn't even sure if I would be able to do it however lots of painkillers got me through on the day, although one side effect was making my mind go blank quite a lot throughout the exam. Hopefully I've done enough, my grades so far have been good so hopefully it'll all be okay.

In other news, on Sunday me, my husband and our two eldest children, Andrew (9) and Lewis (8) are taking part in a 4 mile fun run in Strathclyde Park in aid of MND Scotland. Donations are most welcome, and really couldn't be easier to do - all you have to do is text MNDS88 £5 to 70070, and you've donated £5! You can change it to any amount as well.

It's been a charitable couple of months here in the College Mummy household - last month we did a family 5k in aid of the charity my sister Jennifer is currently working for out in Sri Lanka, Animal SOS. You can read her story over at her shiny new blog. What she is doing is really impressive, and sounds like hard work! We all miss her absolutely loads, but as soon as I heard about the job and all it entailed I just knew it would be absolutely perfect for her. Here we all are being featured in our local newspaper. Sadly they've not included Jennifer but I did take pictures of the feature in the paper when it came out:

Anyway, hoping to be back on here again soon, probably just rambling about life and stuff.

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