Monday, 18 October 2010

Christmas ideas

Did you know it is less that 10 weeks until Christmas?
Daisypath Christmas tickers
I was feeling vaguely smug about it as I've organised each of the kids main presents, until I realised how little time that really is and how much other stuff we have to buy!

If you're at a loss as to what to buy for the little ones in your family, Tesco are having a great sale on children's toys right now, there are some fantastic bargains - the Fisher Price little people caught my eye as I know a little girl who would love playing with it.
Elise was born just after Christmas and Santa made sure to leave her a few little thing - if there's a new arrival on the way around Christmas time in your family, this Fisher Price bouncer is amazing value for money - I used a bouncer chair for each of my children as little babies and in my opinion they're a necessity.
So, how are you doing with the Christmas Countdown? Have you got everything wrapped and stowed away in a cupboard ready for the big day, or are you gearing up for a Christmas Eve trolley dash? 

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  1. God no! Like you, I know what I'm getting and when time permits, I'll get them (hopefull before the 24th December!!).

  2. I used to dash around Christmas Eve, but now I plan a little more ahead. I hope to get things wrapped up by the end of November. (I know... dream on...)

  3. I shopped through the year, so I was pretty organized this year, although I thought I would be EARLY in getting things done. Maybe next year.

    Have a great holiday!