Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fitting in Homework

I've been quite naughty since we've been off. It's now Thursday and I haven't even looked at my pile of homework yet. But I'm going to get started on it today.

I've had quite a few people ask how I manage it with three kids about - in all honesty, it's not easy but it is doable. The boys are old (and well behaved) enough to be told to leave me in peace or go outside to play, the only problem is the wee one... I've actually sat in the bathroom while she's in her bath before working on something we've been given to do!

I think it's all about exploiting opportunities - she still goes for a good 2 hour nap each day so I often utilise this time to get a bit of homework done - usually instead of the housework. And the other one is giving up my evenings at times. The only problem with this one is that I really need quiet and peace to concentrate, which is something my darling husband doesn't understand - he usually has the telly on while I'm trying to work which just doesn't help. I really need to get my study area sorted out in our bedroom so I can shut myself away in the quiet.

Anyway, I think it's time to go and open my college bag and see what's lurking within for me.

LOST: Homework
photo by jaqian


  1. Don't forget to have some 'down time' too!

  2. I love the creative ways you are finding to do homework. Caz is right... sometimes you need some down time.

    I remember spending weekends and holidays studying when I was in school. I think I must have had SOME downtime... but I don't remember when. :-)

  3. Thanks for the comments - I really just need to give myself a good kick up the bum, if I'm honest.