Monday, 30 May 2011

Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

It's coming for us!

So today I decided it was time to start the diet. But I forgot. My breakfast consisted of one raspberry and white chocolate cookie (homemade) and two cups of coffee. But that's salvageable, I reckon. Just eat better for the rest of the day. This is the continuation of a better lifestyle, healthier me type thing I've been trying to do. I've been going to the gym fairly regularly now since about March. Originally it was in preparation for the Race For Life in May there, but that's passed now and I want to keep it up so am planning on signing up for a local 10k in September too. This is to hopefully motivate me to keep it up.

In studying related news, I am now coming to the end of my Access course at college. I have two more assessments (Sociology and Philosophy) and once they are done, and passed... that's me! It's quite exciting. I've absolutely loved being at college and I really feel it has given me a massive boost to my self esteem and confidence. The next step is University in September - Glasgow is my firm choice and I plan to study English and History there. I can't wait, but have to say it's a bit daunting too.

Anyway, this Bank Holiday Monday should be getting used for studying, not blogging so adios!

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  1. Falling off the diet wagon is fine, just climb back on again. Remember, if you're exercising too, you've got the scope for an occasional slip up :)