Wednesday, 23 June 2010

An Introduction to... Lewis

I'd like to introduce you to my lovely second born, Lewis, today. Lewis is 5 at the moment and just coming to the end of his first year of primary school. Despite being incredibly intelligent (I've been calling him Baby Genius since he was about 5 months old), he's not into blowing his own trumpet - that's my job. On numerous occasions recently he has managed to work out a mathematical problem before me, which is beginning to become a bit of an embarassment.

My mum is so silly. Everyone knows that 457x23 is 10511. Sake!

He has also been on the receiving end of Head Teacher awards in school for his fantastic story writing - in fact his writing has been compared to being of the level expected of a child in P3! We're incredibly proud of how he is doing in school.

Last year we discovered that Lewis has glue ear and he had to go in for a wee operation to have gromets put into his ears and his adenoids removed. He recovered really well and we've noticed a huge difference in him. He's not called Lewis...Lewis...LEWIS...LLEEEWWIIISSSS! any more. Just Lewis.


Lewis loves swimming - he's like a penguin. Slightly awkward on dry land and beautifully graceful in the water. Although not the sportiest of children, this seems to be his activity of choice as not only does he have a knack for it he really enjoys it as well.

You're still here?

So that is my little Lewis - not that he's all that little any more. After the summer he will be going into P2!


  1. You lie about the mathematical problems he is solving before you do. It was 10 take-away 2 wasn't it? Mwhahaha

  2. Oh god Stewart - he worked out how many 50p's were in £10 correctly before I worked it out - and I got it wrong! I'm an actual idiot.

  3. He is a very very clever wee boy, and we are all very proud of him!
    You are a very very good Mummy, and we are all very proud of you!

  4. It's amazing the different after they've had grommets, isn't it?

    I can't believe how grown up Lewis looks. He's a star.

  5. I haven't been around your babies as much as Kirsty's so this is cracking for me to read and get a bit more familiar with them.


  6. Ha ha his mathematical thing reminded me of something, when I was watching the boys I'd just picked them up and was driving home and they were chatting in the back of the car Andrew was giving Lewis sums and he gave him 350 something plus 370 something and Lewis said 700 and something, he was only a few out (I was still working it out when Lewis came out with his answer) and Andrew went NO! three hundred and three hundred would be 6 hundred so its six hundreds, Lewis started explaining himself 'n' Andrew was just like 'LEWIS, I know best!!!!' that was the end of the conversation lol I nearly peed myself could listen to the two of them forever

  7. @Mum awww thanks :D

    @Kirsty I know he's suddenly turned into a big boy! It's taken me by surprise a bit.

    @Pad I'm glad you are enjoying reading about them, Andrew will be coming soon

    @Lynds They are hilarious at times, Andrew's so bossy at the moment. No idea where he gets that from...