Sunday 20 June 2010

Getting behind...

Well it does not bode well that I am already behind with the daily meme I was participating in. But I have had an upsetting and stressful week, one which I am incredibly glad is over. Onwards and upwards, as they say! But I think I might just leave the rest of it to spread out for days when I want to update but have nothing to talk about.

I phoned second choice nursery last Monday to see if I could find out any news on whether or not E has manage to get a place for next year. The lady I spoke to was very nice but couldn't tell me anything as the roll has not been finalised yet but she did say she would look into it and get in touch as soon as possible. Unfortunately I've not heard anything - and I'm panicking a bit as if we don't get a place then I need to sort something else out but the end of August. Oh yes, good luck with that. Not to mention getting my funding application sorted out as well. Is this Monday too soon to chase it up?

I'm also in the midst of washing/ironing/packing/sorting/stressing for our summer holiday to France which we go on next weekend. I am really looking forward to it - I can't wait to get away in fact.

Anyway it is time to get back to the seemingly endless pile of shorts and t-shirts needing packed! Cheerio for now!

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