Monday, 19 July 2010

Paperwork Mountain.

I've not managed to update over the past couple of days because I have been doing some overtime at work. I work for a large, rather well known retail chain who has a rather famous sale, and the weekend was our summer sale - and that means all hands on deck. But back to normal now.

When I got home from work yesterday I thought to myself - what do I like to do after a weekend of working hard and not enough sleep? Ah yes, that's right. Mountains of form filling:

Note: not my actual pile of forms, but I like to think it is an accurate representation. Now I have my bursary in and Elise is definitely going to nursery, you'd think my form filling days would be over but oh no, now we have other wonderful things to apply for. Firstly, as a full time student in Scotland I should qualify for a council tax rebate, and this in turn means we qualify for a school uniform allowance (take note if you have children and are studying - it's quite hard to find out these things from one source. Much of the information I learned about what to apply for was from other parents who have studied). We're also applying for funding for Elise's nursery place. I want to try and get these all sorted today or tomorrow. Top of the to-do list.


  1. I don't envy you, form filling is top of my hate list.

  2. The lack of information is a nightmare isn't it - all you want is all the information in one place that says X - not a variety of information that says A, B and C. Just when I think I've got on top of all the form filling as well I get sent a load more forms from uni - never ending!

  3. I filled in the most ridiculous number of forms when I started this new job. They may actually own my soul now, I kinda tuned out what I was signing after a while ;)

  4. It's actually the amount of supporting paperwork I need to get together that's been the hardest part of it - honestly why do I need 2 forms of ID (inc. passport) to apply for a council tax rebate when I *only* need my passport to travel the globe?