Thursday, 18 April 2013

Yet another I'M BACK post

Difficult as it may be, I'm not going to get into a 'oh MY will you just look at the time' type post. Yes, it's been ages since I updated but I wanted to start blogging again, I'm supposed to be studying (so therefore I am procrastinating) and well, here we are.

Brief updates on life so far: Coming to the end of 2nd year at University. Loving it, but it's stressful and right now the stress is manifesting itself in a multitude of ills - unexplained swollen ankle pain, another bout of uveitis (DON'T google it. Don't. I warned you) and now a chesty sore throaty cough thing. 3rd of May is my last exam and then I can collapse in a heap somewhere for a week or two.

The kids are doing absolutely brilliantly. Both boys are doing great at school and have been playing as part of a Handball team since the beginning of the school year last August, which they love. On top of that Andrew has also joined the local Athletics team and is doing very well there too. In fact, this Sunday the two of the them will be participating in their very first proper race - a 5k in Glasgow which we are doing to raise finds for Animal SOS in Sri Lanka, if you would like to support our run and the charity you can donate here: or even if you are just curious to see why we are supporting a charity so far away in a country we've never visited - well, go visit that link and you can find out! You can also text donate by sending ANIM50 £5 (or change it to whatever amount you can manage from £1 upwards) to 70070. I gave it a go myself and it's incredibly easy to do! Andrew and Lewis are delighted with how much we've managed to raise! Elise isn't taking part in the 5k this time, as we'd hoped to all run the full race however with the chesty ill I have I'm not sure I'll manage to run, but I'll definitely be completing it even if I have to walk.

Anyway, I think that will be all for now. Who knows when the next update will be. Who knows if anyone even reads this these days. Please say hello if you do!

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