Sunday, 25 September 2011

It's all for charideee

Well, there's quite a few amazing people I know right now that are about to cause themselves all manners of pain and fatigue in aid of a few different charities over the next wee while:

First up, in exactly one week, my husband is going to run 10k in Edinburgh in aid of the British Heart Foundation. His donations page is looking a bit sad and lonely right now, if you feel this is a charity that you would like to help out (and lets face it, most of us are touched by heart disease at some point in our lives, whether it's ourselves or a loved one) then please pop a couple of pounds on his page. If you can't spare the pennies - retweets and sharing the page are just as helpful!

Second up - my big brother is going to run the same 10k but this time in aid of the ME Association. His page is here and if you can throw him a few pounds, it will help him get closer to his target (he's halfway there!). Again, if you can't spare the money a wee retweet is always appreciated.

And thirdly, two of my favourite girls Emma and Sara are doing the River Ness 10k (also in a weeks time) in aid of MND Scotland. Their page is here and they surely deserve a wee donation in appreciation of the chuckles their bio raises. (again, RT's always good).

So anyway, I hope you can manage to spare some pennies for at least one or two of the fabulous people and charities that I've posted here. All very worthwhile causes and all very amazing people that are partaking in the running!

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