Sunday, 14 August 2011

That's not Autumn arriving, it is Summer departing!

Only a few more days of the kids summer holidays left - they go back to school on Wednesday (I can't be the only person who is completely not ready yet?). I've still got almost a month until University starts - but I am now all registered online although I still have to enrol for classes. I'm now only about 10% scared and 90% excited!

In other news, I have given up chocolate since the beginning of July (anyone who knows me knows this is A Big Deal) and crisps since the beginning of August. Also getting back into the gym again and once an ankle injury I gave myself a week or so ago goes away, I shall start running (fast walking) again. You would think with all of this, I might have lost weight but no - not even 1 lb! Sigh. But I shall not let myself be put off. I will be skinny!!!

So, who else is started the dreaded ironing of school shirts and sewing on of name labels this weekend?


  1. I think I'm all done. I just wrote the kids names on the labels of their clothes using a biro. Worked for me last year. I'm trying to be organised because I go back to work tomorrow. No doubt I'll find I've forgotten something.

  2. yeay, go you missus fresher! you're gonna love it. :)

  3. I am not getting my daughter ready for school, but I can surely remember those days, going shopping for school supplies, getting ready for the school bus, etc. etc. Those were fun days. Good luck on the diet - I am dieting too, and am inspired by your giving up chocolate and crisps.

    The summer sure has flown by.