Saturday 14 May 2011

I can type!

Well, I haven't updated here in absolutely aeons! This is due to the slow and tragic demise of our laptop. Firstly, the right-click on the trackpad went... then the enter' button, and the 'g' and 'h' keys... and I didn't have the will to copy and paste them from another source for every word that needed them. So, as a result - no blogging for more than 2 months. But now, although we're still struggling with a decrepit and dying laptop we have a keyboard and a mouse so at least I can actually do things without resorting to my mobile every time.
Anyway, since I was last here I made a firm acceptance of my offer to Glasgow University so all things going well, I should be off there to study English and History in September! I'm half terrified and half excited. Right now we're in the final few weeks of college and so it's obviously assessment city here - added to which my husband has exams in June as well so we're trying to fit in as much studying time as possible for both of us around the kids and other stuff.
I'm also doing the Race for Life in Falkirk on the 22nd, so I've started going to the gym regularly and even went for a jog - outside, in the real world - last weekend. And then my whole body seized up and I was in agony for all of last week and have only got back to normal today. To celebrate, I'm going to go for another jog this evening, just to relive the experience. That's just how good it was.
And for those blogs I follow - I have been reading, and appreciating, but due to obvious keyboard related issues I haven't been able to comment at all. I hope you still say hi!


  1. You're back! We were all very worried :)


  2. Yay! welcome back to the land of the interwebs!

  3. Wondered where you were! Good luck with the exams x

  4. Hi from Kentucky! I am sorry to hear about your computer, but hope your next one is great. Also it is so great that you are in the Race for Life. Kudos to you for doing that. I look forward to hear about school next Fall too. :-) Thanks for the update.

  5. Good luck with the exams (and the jogging!).

  6. Thanks everyone, it's good to be back properly!