Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Recommendations needed! Setting myself a challenge!

So, I've applied to do English at University. The problem is, I haven't read a book to completion since I started my college course (I'm normally a big reader but I just haven't had time). And in recent years my choice of reading material has taken a nosedive in quality.
Growing up, I always read books that were probably aimed at a slightly older demographic, and managed to work my way through plenty of classics - mostly thanks to the shelves and shelves of books my parents built up at home which we were always encouraged to pick through. These days, though, it's been more about just reading *anything*.
So, this is where I'm asking for some help - I'm quite a quick reader and I've got til September to get a bit of reading done so please recommend me your favourite book/books/poems/short stories! Let me know why you love it and wanted to recommend it. And I promise I will try my utmost to track down and read every suggestion made!
And spread the word - if anyone else wants to join in we could have a Twitter based book club.


  1. My favourite, favourite book ever is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides - he also wrote 'The Virgin Suicides'

    My most recent favourite read was The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak.

    Congrats on passing your sociology xx

  2. Me too! I just got into UEA to do English Literature and am need of plenty of summer reading! Books on cd recommendations for the car also highly useful. Congrats on getting into your course. :)

    M x

  3. book thief!

    the reader - bernhard schlink

    everything by christopher brookmyre, but esp the attack of the unsinkable rubber ducks, and one fine day in the middle of the night

    alan bissett - death of a ladies' man / the incredible adam spark

    aldous huxley - brave new world
    (followed or preceded by george orwell - 1984.)

    neil gaiman - american gods

    douglas coupland - Jpod

    PD james - the children of men

    richard milward - apples

    scarlett thomas - the end of mr Y (but for god's sake don't read popco. it's terrible.)

    oh god, and loads of others...

  4. yeah without books life is quite difficult and boring,love to hear this your parents built up shelves for books.