Tuesday 1 February 2011

3 things February - counting my blessings

My rather lovely friend Emma over at Made by Paddy blogged today about the 3 things February idea thought up by Sarah Rooftops. The idea behind it is every evening throughout February you blog or tweet (hashtag for this is #3thingsfebruary) 3 things that have made you smile that day, no matter how big or small. What a lovely idea, I thought, I'd be well up for joining in with that! So I am - and so should you. Spread the smiles.
So my first entry is at the end of a particularly trying day. I've developed a kidney infection throughout the day and feeling rather poorly and sorry for myself, but instead of feeling miserable I'm going to look at the positives (3, in particular):

1. Went to soft play this morning (pre- kidney agony) with the wee yin, Elise and my best friend Lyndsay, where I described the mental posh singing lady on One Born Every Minute last night who was singing to her husband. Cue tears of laughter and terrible off-key impressions in the middle of the soft play cafe.
2. My husband is amazing, instead of going to play geek-fest Magic tonight with his pals, he's staying home to look after me.
3. I have chocolate brownie ice-cream and mini eggs. All medicinal.


  1. aw mate! hope you're feeling distinctly better soon. look forward to hearing about all the things that make you and pad smile :)

  2. cheers love, feeling loads better today!