Monday, 24 January 2011

Making Monday!

Well I've finally started on my resolution to sew more, by making a mattress, pillow and blanket for Elise's wee toy pram.


I've had the fleece lying about for ages and thought it would be nice to use for this, and the blanket is reversible with a stripy panel cut from an old shirt!

Andrew assisted by stuffing the mattress and pillow for me. Elise seems to be very pleased with it all and is playing with her pram as I type!


  1. Well done you! I've ground to a halt with crafting, due to being horrendously busy. Hopeful of getting something done this week though, got birthdays to think about!


  2. Heh, thanks - I was the same, have done pretty much heehaw in months but her wee pram was awfy bare looking and we were stuck in the house yesterday so perfect ingredients for a bit of sewing.