Monday, 16 August 2010

A whole new world

Well the boys went off to school this morning and Elise had her first nursery visit - which, in all honesty, could have gone a little bit better. To start off with, the woman I had been dealing with was off on annual leave. No-one else knew we were supposed to be there today and after some gentle enquiries we managed to get a tour... of the wrong room!
We got a very in-depth tour and explanation of the room for the 3-5 year old's, despite me saying she was only 19 months. As I was getting shown the miniature toilet block I was frantically trying to calculate the logistics of toilet training a 1 year old in 2 weeks. I finally managed to convey to our tour guide that I thought we were being shown the wrong room - we got a look around the younger kids room and are now booked in for a proper visit to prepare Elise for starting at the end of the month - so we go back tomorrow morning and I will try not to cry as she shoves me out the door and turns her back on me.


  1. Schools where I am don't go back until Sept!

    When do you start your course - hopefully that will take your mind off the nursery.

  2. In Scotland they break up towards the end of June and go back mid-August. Colleges usually start back at the end of August and Uni is Sept/Oct (I think)

    I start around the 30th of August - I actually still don't know for definite yet but I think I will find out at my registration day which is the 26th.

    Phew, there's a lot of dates to remember!