Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Growing Grey Gracefully?

I was reading this article on the Guardian website with interest there as it strikes a chord with me. I enjoyed the 'celebs' saying 'oh I started going grey in my 30s'. I started going grey when I was 23. No, sorry, correction - I noticed my first grey hair when I was 23 - who knows how many were hidden away underneath that I hadn't yet seen. Its been one of those strange things - I was fairly confident I would go grey pretty young as both my parents did, but it was still a bit upsetting as it made me suddenly go 'Oh. I'm an old person now.'

I do dye my hair, although I went through a phase of growing out the colour to see just how much grey I had accumulated until they horror set in of just how much there really was. So I dye over it, although I'd never lie about it. Once it's all gone grey I've said I'll grow it all out and leave it long.

I point out with glee any grey hairs my husband (last count - 6) and middle-younger sister have (4/5). I don't do this to my youngest sister as she has inherited the same genes as me, so we just share a young-person-gone-grey solidarity. She's 23...


  1. Barry has many many grey hairs. He wants to have a silver streak...

  2. B wants to be Reed Richards, lets be honest.

    If I could guarantee all over silver when I get older I'd be thrilled.

  3. for me exposing my grey is never going to happen! I started going grey at 18 and by the time I was 30 was covering the grey streak that seemed to glare out of photos! I now change my highlights from blonde to red as the mood takes me. Grey suits some people - me - I would look like a hag! Luckily my eybrows & lashes are still naturally dark - but they can be dyed too ;)

  4. I'm fair and have dyed my hair regularly for the last 20 odd years, although my hairdresser assures me there isn't much grey! My daughter, however, is very dark and you could imagine her horror when she visited the hairdresser about 6 months ago and was told she had greys in her hair - she's 14!!!!!! Hubby is 43 and only just starting to go but it looks so distinguishing on a male, don't you think? My mother's 60 and has decided to do away with the dyes and has gone naturally about 3 different shades of grey and it looks so pretty!