Friday 20 August 2010

Back to School

Okay I'm slightly late with this as the boys went back to school on Monday, but it's still their first week! So that's okay. Here they are in their uniform:


I've had a few people comment on how early it seems for them to be going back to school - here in Scotland the schools break up towards the end of June and they go back in mid-August. I have no idea why it's different up here but perhaps it's because August here is more like Autumn than Summer, and we're more likely to get better weather in July (HAH!). Ironically our best weather was back in June when they were still at school, wee shame.


  1. Sweet! I wish our schools went back in August, our best weather is always June & July lately. And of course in September!

  2. How cute!! Our schools break up at the beginning of December and don't go back until February - we are at the arse end of the world so I guess that makes sense!!!!!

  3. This is a great picture. One of your boys looks pleased and the other looks scared to death. I hope it went well for both of them.